Welcome to the Asheville/Black Mountain Yacht Clubs.

These pages are dedicated to the enjoyment of sailing radio control sailboats in the Asheville/Black Mountain area of North Carolina. The Asheville club sails on Beaver Lake and the Black Mountain club sails on Lake Tomahawk. Ashville holds Seawind regattas on the 1st Saturday and Nirvana regattas on the 4th Saturday. Black Mountain holds Nirvana regattas on the 2nd Saturday.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the club, we offer instruction in rules, boat set up, and live on the water instruction.

Click on the individual club pages for regatta results and upcoming events and click Comments RSS for overview of latest postings.

A thank you to the Greensboro Model Yacht Club for the racing rules videos, very well done.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Asheville/Black Mountain Yacht Clubs.

  1. I have a Nirvana II for sale. It came from an estate sale and looks like it has never been in the water. It has a few extra parts. Blue in color and has a big 06 on the sails. If any member or either club has an interest please E-mail me. Asking 200 dollars jhey42.1@juno.com

    • Sorry, don’t know of a buyer for that boat, but I have a new Fairwind III for sale…never been in the water.
      Bill Altork

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