2013 Regatta Rules(sailing)

Our first rule is that everyone will have fun and enjoy the weekend.

1. A vessel on a starboard tack always has the right of way over a vessel on a port tack.

2. A leeward vessel shall always have the right of way over a windward vessel when overlapped. Unless two vessels on the same tack are clear astern, they are overlapped.

3. Overtaking vessels shall remain clear of vessels ahead until overlap is acquired.

4. Vessels with the right of way shall announce their intentions prior to changing course in a seaman like manner. No sharp course changes.

5. Penalty turns shall be taken immediately by sailing clear of other vessels and executing a 360 degree turn.

6. Vessels committing an early start shall, without interfering with other vessels, turn either left or right, sail outside the start gate, and restart through the gate. You have no rights during this correction.
6.1 No vessels allowed on course side of start line(or extension of line) after the 1 minute signal.

7. All vessels shall sail a proper course and sail the designated course.

8. All vessels shall avoid making contact with another vessel regardless of right of way. A vessels bow should never make contact with another boat.

9. All vessels shall yield to the tugboat when she has a disabled vessel in tow. The tugboat can only be dispatched by the Race Director.

10. Since the primary aim of this regatta is to have a good time, infractions of the tenets of good sportsmanship will be treated harshly. We know people and we know where you live!!


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