Black Mountain Yacht Club

Black Mountain regattas are on the second Saturday of the month if over 50 degrees and not storming. Usually some practice on Tuesday, we sail on Lake Tomahawk in Black Mountain, NC.
Please see Regatta results page for lasts regatta info.

P1010033 (640x309)

Local contact is David Groce: ( make sure Nirvana is part of subject to avoid email getting dumped as spam)

4 thoughts on “Black Mountain Yacht Club

  1. 11/17/2012 Regatta results

    1. Jeff Zautner 15
    2. David Groce 19
    3. Gerry Provost 23
    4. Bob McAnally 24
    5. Dick Weaver 26
    6. Bill Jenkins 36 (Bill was sorting out a new boat, expect he will move up the list next time out)
    7. Chuck Shimmer 45 ( this was Chucks first time sailing an RC boat and was participating for fun and to get a feel for the sport)
    Bob Ammons was in first place after three races when his boat suffered a breakdown and he was forced to retire.

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